Smart Contracts


Handshake is a decentralized naming system. The smart contracts in this repo define a new protocol for decentralized second-level domains (DSLDs) anchored to the HNS root zone. These domains are based on the ERC-721 NFT standard and deployed on a secure and scalable EVM L2 blockchain.

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Contract NameAddress
defaultResolver0xDDa56f06D80f3D8E3E35159701A63753f39c3BCB (opens in a new tab)
tldClaimManager0x9209397263427413817Afc6957A434cF62C02c68 (opens in a new tab)
tldNft0x01eBCf32e4b5da0167eaacEA1050B2be63122B6f (opens in a new tab)
sldNft0x7963bfA8F8f914b9776ac6259a8C39965d26f42F (opens in a new tab)
labelValidator0x0b26062CB10DA260CC1659C2a4b2fDe6023f4B18 (opens in a new tab)
priceOracle0x178767FDEA4D43C8B7086C4B92a2569db930655C (opens in a new tab)
globalRules0xe2E4d33f5E2cd7c9b74cedfcbF8Bd6C3A239e2c9 (opens in a new tab)
commitIntent0x84EE3763E5F2faB55E8d7197632Aa234159C2f5f (opens in a new tab)
sldRegistrationManager0xfda87CC032cD641ac192027353e5B25261dfe6b3 (opens in a new tab)
defaultRegistrationStrategy0x0F1143972197B63053709794f718e60599Ce4730 (opens in a new tab)
tldMetadata0x93Cea80D190eB1401b15e3dbBE3d0392D32e3FCf (opens in a new tab)
sldMetadata0x93Cea80D190eB1401b15e3dbBE3d0392D32e3FCf (opens in a new tab)

Contract Relationship Diagram