Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Handshake Dev Fund?

The Handshake Development Fund collects 5% of all domain registration fees. These funds will be used to support ongoing handshake development for both the core blockchain and the new DSLD registry protocol. Namebase will manage and distribute these funds during the early days of the protocol. Later on, a DAO may be established so that domain owners can vote on funding measures and protocol changes.

What is a TLD Claim Manager?

In order to facilitate cross-chain bridging of Handshake TLDs, the HNS.ID protocol has the concept of TLD Claim Manager(s), which are trusted addresses with the power to grant TLD claims in the new registry. Currently the only Claim Managers are designated Namebase wallets which can add new claims when a TLD is staked on Namebase. In the future we hope to implement fully trustless staking by creating a Claim Manager contract which can verify proofs directly from the Handshake blockchain.

Can TLDs be traded or sold?

Yes, TLD NFTs may be traded and sold on any NFT marketplace just like SLDs. Transferring the TLD conveys its rights to the new owner, including all future subdomain registration and renewal fees.

Can TLDs be used as regular domains?

Yes, TLD NFTs can be used just like SLDs for websites, wallet naming, and as identities. TLD NFTs also share the same functionality for DNS records, data records, etc. TLD NFTs can also be used in conjunction with our ENS bridge.