Second Level Domains
SLD Registration

SLD Registration

Subdomains (SLDs) can be purchased and minted from eligible TLDs. Pricing is in ETH but based on dollars using a Chainlink price oracle.

Register SLD with Commitment

Registering a subdomain requires 2 transactions:

  1. Submit intent to register the domain. This transaction is to prevent any front-running of the domain.

  2. After the commit intent transaction is completed, the user must wait a minimum of 8 blocks before the second transaction is submitted and the domain is registered. The ETH to pay for the registration is submitted with this transaction. When the second transaction is completed the domain will be minted as an ERC-721 NFT to the registering address.

Commit Intent receives a single hash of three combined values.

  • Namehash of the SLD to be registered
  • 32 bytes secret generated by the client. First 4 bytes of this could be used for referrals
  • Address that is requesting to register the domain

This commit method can be used by any external UI to ensure that the registrations are not front run. Registrations on HNS.ID use the signed registration method below to save gas.

Register SLD with Signature

Registering a subdomain through HNS.ID requires only a single transaction.

  1. Select subdomain label, registration length and submit transaction.

The transaction is signed by our designated private key and validated in the contract to save gas and ensure that the subdomain cannot be frontran by another party.

Registration Flow Diagram