How To Buy

How To Buy

1. Get a Wallet

HNS.ID domains are NFTs and can be registered from any wallet that supports the Optimism (opens in a new tab) L2 network. For the best experience on desktop we recommend using MetaMask (opens in a new tab), which is well-suited for connecting to HNS.ID and managing domains. You can find other wallets that support Optimism here (opens in a new tab), including mobile options.

2. Buy ETH on Optimism

You can buy ETH (sometimes called oETH) on Optimism directly from Metamask as pictured below, or from any exchange or fiat on-ramp. Most exchanges support withdrawing directly to Optimism. Do not buy OP coin, that is different!

If you already possess ETH on Ethereum Mainnet, you can easily bridge it to Optimism using the official Optimism Bridge (opens in a new tab). Your Optimism wallet address will be the same as your Ethereum Mainnet address.

3. Connect your wallet to HNS.ID (opens in a new tab)

Once you have funded your wallet simply click the “Connect Wallet” button on the top right corner of the website. Make sure your network is set to Optimism.

Connect your Wallet

4. Register your decentralized domain!

After connecting your wallet to HNS.ID (opens in a new tab), use the Search (opens in a new tab) page to find your ideal domain. Select a registration period from 1-10 years, and confirm the transaction in your wallet to register the domain.

Register at HNS.ID

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