Resolving Domains
Reverse Resolution

Reverse Resolution

The main purpose of reverse resolution is to improve the user experience by allowing for more readable and memorable names for blockchain addresses. This is particularly useful for applications where users interact with multiple addresses and need to easily identify and distinguish between them, such as a block explorer.

How it Works

Reverse resolution maps a wallet to its corresponding Handshake domain name. To perform a reverse resolution lookup, the application sends a request to the reverse resolver contract with the wallet address as the input. The network then returns the associated Handshake domain name for that Wallet.


  • Improves user experience by providing memorable and human-readable names for wallets
  • Helps to mitigate the risk of mistyping or copy-pasting wallet addresses, which can lead to incorrect connections
  • Text records can also be retrieved and are validated in the contract that they are set to the correct wallet

When calling the read function of getName or getText functions to pull data. This is validated in the contract that the current registered address is correct and not invalid / changed.