Top Level Domains
TLD on Secondary

TLDs on Secondary Marketplace

TLDs are standard ERC-721 tokens that can be bought and sold in a permissionless manner through compatible marketplaces on the Optimism blockchain, such as OpenSea (opens in a new tab). To do so, you will need a self-custody wallet such as MetaMask (opens in a new tab).

Owner Permissions

Owner permissions of the TLD will be automatically transferred to the new owner. This includes:

  • Minting subdomains for $1/year
  • Administrating the registration strategy (prices, reserved names etc.)
  • Administrating the resolver settings (address, DNS, content-hash etc.)
  • Collecting and setting secondary royalty for SLDs

The recipient of due fees are calculated at the time of registration and renewal of the SLDs, so if a TLD transfers to a new owner any fees from that point will be sent to the new owner address.