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TLD Claim & Mint

TLD Claim & Mint

Only authorized wallets that have a valid TLD claim can mint TLDs. These specific addresses are whitelisted to mint their staked TLD(s) by the TLD Claim Manager (see Staking).

If the wallet you're connected to is eligible to mint a TLD then it will be displayed. Minting a TLD costs a fixed $1 fee that is paid for in Ethereum. Minting a TLD requires a single transaction and an ERC-721 token will be transferred to the minting wallet. TLDs can only be minted individually.

After a TLD is minted it is available to be administrated by the owner and any approved addresses that have been submitted by the owner. Approval is granted by using the standard ERC-721 functions approve(address,uint256) or setApprovalForAll(address,bool)

There is $100 (HNS) staking fee to stake each Handshake TLD on (opens in a new tab). See Staking for more info. There is an additional $1 fee to mint/claim the TLD NFT.