Resolving Domains
ENS Bridge

ENS Bridge

HNS.ID domains utilize an ENS off-chain bridge (opens in a new tab) to enable lookups for resolution of domain data, including text, DNS, content hash, and addresses. This allows domain records set on Optimism to be used on Ethereum mainnet, in MetaMask, on Exchanges, or anywhere else that ENS is supported (opens in a new tab).

For .hns domains use <name>

The bridge is dedicated to the .hns TLD. To use the bridge .hns owners can just add .id to their domain for wallet resolving, e.g. sam.hns will resolve by using

All other domains use <name>.hns.eth

The hns.eth bridge supports all TLDs and SLDs. To use the bridge any domain owner can add .hns.eth to their domain for wallet resolving. e.g. sam.nb will resolve with sam.nb.hns.eth.