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Configure Ens Bridge

ENS Bridge Setup for DNS Domains

Choose either the on-chain or off-chain setup, not both. The off-chain setup is completely free as it requires no on-chain transactions, but it is less supported than the on-chain setup.

To use the ENS bridge with a DNS domain, follow these steps:

On-Chain Setup

  1. Go to ENS Domains App ( (opens in a new tab)) and search for your domain.
  2. Choose the 'onchain' import option.
  3. This will trigger a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain to mint the DNS domain as an ENS NFT.
  4. Set the resolver address (found on the "More" tab in the ENS app) to 0x5e334BA4e50B68325d5ff82AbAf386Dd094bAaad.
  5. This will require an on-chain transaction and funds for gas.

Off-Chain Setup

Alternatively, you can set up off-chain by configuring DNS TXT records with the following:

ENS1 0x3CA097Edd180Ea2C2436BD30c021Ca20869087a0 0x9b6435e0e73d40f8a64fe5094e4ea462a54a078b


This same entry should be set up twice:

  • Once for *
  • Once for @

Final Setup

To complete the setup, you need to add a DNS TXT record with the TLD that requires mapping.

For example, to configure the ENS bridge for the hns/ domain, set up the following record:

HNS1 hns

This should be set up against @.